"Bed bugs are showing up in the Sacramento region, and it's going to get worse." - UC Davis Entomologist

Removal Process

There are various methods for removing bed bugs. We have found out that the best way to eliminate them is a mixture of various methods. 1) IPM (Integrated Pest Management), 2) High-tech steam units, 3) Thermal heating, and 4) the use of pesticides.

Integrated Pest Management – With the help of the occupant of the home, we have a system to remove all of their belongings from the infested rooms of the home. With the use of separation bags, mattress bed bug covers, and sanitation practices, and systems to avoid future infestations, IPM is a very important aspect of the eradication of bed bugs.

High-tech Steam Units – We use a high tech system that has the right temperature to kill bed bugs and eliminate them. This is a very effective way for eliminating the bedbugs.

Thermal Heating – We use a Thermal Closet for clothes and other items that can help save time for the tenant, so that they are not doing it themselves. Many times the tenant does not do a thorough job. This helps the process work better.

Pesticides – We use various pesticides that are labeled for bed bugs and are effective and have a residual. I would not consider doing a bed bug treatment without a pesticide. Pesticides give an added security that any lingering will not survive.